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I Lost 75 Pounds by Focusing on My Emotional Health


I’ve finally found the key to living a healthy life with a body that matches. And the things I’ve learned along the way have totally changed my view of health and wellness. The kicker: it was actually really easy, once a couple things fell into the right place.

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3 Reasons Wealth Inequality is Actually Good

FinanceSocial Commentary

Deep wealth and income inequality is a destructive force on many of the people of the world’s economy. But, for all the issues that inequality brings, there are some benefits too that are rarely discussed (or at least rarely framed well).

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Analyzing Terra’s Aftermath


And the implications on the broader crypto ecosystem.

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My Dream Career is to be a Professional Tinkerer


A different kind of entrepreneurship.

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This Is Why Terra Luna Crashed


Back in December, I wrote a story about a blockchain called Terra and why I thought it was the most promising blockchain around. In that story, I included a section on how Terra could fall apart in a theoretical black swan market event, and it seems my worst fears have come true.

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Crypto Winter is Around the Corner


Crypto can’t go up forever, so here’s what you should do now.

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The Most Exciting Blockchain Today


Powering crypto’s best stablecoins, a huge investment opportunity.

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The Dark Horse Asset Class Powering Crypto


As we’ve seen Bitcoin’s price go from a fraction of a cent to over $65,000, people have lost sight of the fact that Bitcoin was originally designed to be a digital currency.

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A 21st Century Career Success Framework

CareerPersonal Development

Set your goals and find the balance that will take you there.

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Getting Started with Crypto

The Crypto Consumer Economy

CryptoFinanceSocial Commentary

The technology behind crypto is fascinating and incredibly strong, and it will definitely end up overhauling many industries, but right now there’s few real consumer outlets for the crypto economy — in essence, you can put money in and invest it, but you can’t spend it on much.

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