Hi friend.

My name is Millan Singh.

Millan Singh is sitting at a high-counter with a mug that says "Do Epic Shit" on it.

I'm a Creative Entrepreneur and Software Engineer, practitioner of A Hero's Journey, a personal/tech/investing newsletter, and builder of several projects including KolorKit, The Iowa Mockus, and Odaat (my current project, coming soon™). I'm trying to live my best life and share it with the world. Let's get to know each other, shall we?

I'm creating web applications

I love building software.

After five years in Corporate America, I've just left my day job behind in order to focus on building my own products and living life on my own terms. In the past I've worked on apps like KolorKit, a color pallette design and organization tool, and The Iowa Mockus, a caucus management app. These days, I'm working on Odaat, a novel productivity system and application which is coming soon™.

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I'm building my dream career.

Dream Life carved out of sand on a beach as a wave approaches.

I'm building my dream career.

Have you ever wondered what your dream career looks like? I mean like really thought about it, got into the details?

What's stopping you from purusing that career?

These are the questions I've been asking myself lately, and I realized that there's really very little stopping me from pursuing my dream career. All I needed to do was get clear about what that career looked like.

It's still a work-in-progress, but I have a name for this career: Professional Tinkerer.

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I'm sharing A Hero's Journey.

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  • I'm inspiring you to level up by sharing my own career and life journey.
  • I'm de-mystifying crypto.
  • I'm making investing and finance accessible to non-finance minds.
  • I'm sharing my health and wellness journey (over 70lbs lost and much happier in life).
  • I'm building a community of like-minded people who are interested in striving for something better.

I'm travelling the world.

Tel Aviv skyline and beach.

I'm travelling the world.

I've been fascinated by the digital nomad lifestyle for years.

Then, on a 9-day trip to Israel for Birthright, I realized: I can just do it. I'm fortunate to be in a place in life with little really tieing me down and a career that is quite friendly to remote working. So I decided to do it.

In September 2023, my full-time traveling journey begins, and I'm going to be taking multiple long trips between now and then as well, including Israel, Mexico, and Spain.

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I'm available for hire.

I offer 1:1 consulting for the following subject areas:

  • Microstartup investing/acquisiton
  • Crypto investing/technology
  • Web application development

If you'd like to learn from my experience in a 1:1 setting, I charge a simple hourly rate. I'm also open to more involved product development jobs on a limited basis which will be quoted individually.

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